How Has The IM Academy Improved Forex Trading Skills For Its Learners?

IM Academy is a popular global organization that focuses on providing essential Forex trading skills through digital educational products and services. The company is headquartered in New York City as a registered legal corporation. IM Corporation began in 2013 as an independent entity and has since acquired more than 225,000 active subscribers who have received the necessary forex skills from IM Academy’s educational products.

The IM platform uses live interactive content to teach its students, mostly supported by a group of pre-coded and app-based data. The IM platform is designed in a simple, understandable way in which forex students can easily access using a subscription model. New students can access the platform using a referral subscription model from an IBO or a customer.

In addition, the IM Academy offers a series of informative videos and interactive goLive sessions that students can use to apply the concepts in their practical, real-life forex trading. These videos and interactive live sessions play a vital role in providing basic understanding and concepts on forex trading. Also, they help students expand their knowledge and work at their own pace and comfort.

The goLive sessions provided in the IM Academy platform contribute to 80% of the actual learning. In addition, there are over 13 languages translated in the goLive sessions to accommodate students from different countries or continents. IM students can access the goLive sessions for only one hour. During the one hour, they can interact with the IM educators by asking relevant questions on a specific subject matter. Visit this page for related information.

There are four unique academies on the IM Academy’s platform that every student must learn depending on their forex trading capabilities. They include; FRX, HFX, ECX, and DCX academies. Each of the mentioned academies is different. However, they all offer a quiz at the end of each module to test the student’s understanding.


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