IM Academy provides Digital Forex Education Online

IM Academy, founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, is an online platform that offers digital educational products and services for Forex Trading. Adopting a subscription-based model, IM Academy strives to provide accessible and interactive training to Forex traders, helping them acquire the necessary skills for trading. Since its launch, the company has experienced significant growth, with over 225,000 active subscribers.

Accessible and Remote Learning

IM Academy has found great success in its remote working model, enabling it to recruit the best and brightest talent worldwide. By investing less in real estate and office space, the company has been able to dedicate more resources to its educational mission. This approach has been incredibly beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling the company to operate without interruption or disruption.

Interactive Learning Modules

They offer four training programs on its website, each consisting of helpful videos and interactive goLive sessions. The videos provide learners with a comprehensive overview of Forex Trading. At the same time, the goLive sessions allow them to interact with IM Educators and practice the concepts in real-world scenarios. With 13 languages and flexible scheduling, the goLive sessions accommodate students from different time zones.

The Four IM Learning Academies

  1. FRX Academy- Students learn the fundamentals of foreign currency trading, including market analysis, risk management, and market trends.
  2. HFX Academy- Offers educational opportunities in high-frequency trading, with classes focusing on methods analysis, strategies, and different order types.
  3. DCX Academy- Specializes in education about digital currency exchange, instructing students on different kinds of digital currency trading and market volatility.
  4. ECX Academy- Focuses on e-commerce and online business management, covering topics such as establishing an online business, advertising, and customer service.

They provide a comprehensive online platform for Forex trading education that caters to beginners and experienced traders. With its interactive learning modules, flexible scheduling, and specialized add-ons, the platform allows users to gain knowledge and expertise in Forex Trading. In addition, IM Academy’s network marketing model will enable individuals to develop their businesses while taking advantage of the company’s educational resources and support. See this article for more information.


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