Joey Feste urges to offer more in the industry

Joey Feste graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1987. His career began immediately at Rotan Mosley, today known as Paine Webber, advising corporates and people on investments. Later he joined Morgan Stanley as an Investment advisor, where he used to help manage money for athletes. Through his passion for doing more in the, he was limited by the structure of Morgan Structure since he could only do the duties he was assigned. He felt he could offer more to his clients than what Morgan Stanley could offer.

Joey Feste urges to offer more in the industry, and he launched KM Capital Management in Austin, Texas, in 2004, where he was the Senior Managing Partner. The experience of serving clients for thirty years made him acquire unique goals and more personalized financial plans so that the clients will have their financial health.

What inspired Joey Feste to come up with KM Capital Management was when he managed money for the athletes but was limited to doing extra. His focus was that he could even pay bills, go ahead, and negotiate contracts for them. It started as a small office for athletes and entertainers, which solely served their purpose. They could negotiate leases on their behalf, pay their bills, and even buy cars for them together with their insurance. The significance of all this was to be part of their financial journey and ensure their money is not wasted.

Joey Feste’s happiness is working with perfect business; thus, he always makes sure every idea is well implemented to achieve successful results.

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