Kfir Gavrieli

Kfir Gavrieli is the Co-founder and CEO at Tieks company. Born in Jerusalem, Gavrieli is the oldest of three children, with his two youngest sisters being twins.

Kfir’s most recent accomplishment includes leading the design and development of Tieks, founded in 2011, and has grown to become a highly sought-after brand with an international following. The company produces a platform that allows customers to create customized ballet flats on their phone or computer screen and delivers them anywhere they request.

Before he founded Tieks, Gavrieli worked for seven years as a product designer at the world’s largest eyewear company, Luxottica. He developed and collaborated on two eyewear categories: Reading Glasses and Sunglasses. As a product designer, Gavrieli also worked on designing every single type of sunglass available in the Luxottica stores worldwide.

In 2006, Gavrieli won the Gold Medal Award in the Design Awards category in the “Italian Design Awards” and was nominated for a Hebrew University of Jerusalem “Discovery” Award.

Kfir Gavrieli is widely credited as being one of Israel’s most influential designers, and his work has gained significant international recognition. Tieks won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and has been featured on major news outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg and The New York Times. Tieks in-depth, custom-made ballet flats have been featured on “Good Morning America,” CNN, and Vogue. In 2016, Gavrieli was invited to the Paris Couture Fashion Week and participated in the Universal Design Awards Ceremony of the “Fashion Awards,” held yearly in Milan, Italy.

Kfir Gavrieli has spoken at universities, including Yale University, and at international conferences around the globe. Kfir has been featured in many media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Company, and Vogue. The BBC recently named him one of the “10 most Israeli Startups To Watch”. Refer to this channel on YouTube, for related information.


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