Krishen Iyer: A Passionate Entrepreneur

Successful businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer is a well-established entrepreneur and has founded a number of companies over the years. Krishen Iyer was brought up in California. Later he went to San Diego State University to study Public Administration. After his graduation, Krishen Iyer founded his first insurance company, MNP Insurance, which grew successfully. Krishen Iyer launched his second company, known as Managed Benefits Services (MBS). 


Managed Benefits Services is an insurance agency that enables clients to market their businesses. Managed Benefits Services uses experts and technology to analyze various markets to develop viable customers for its clients. Krishen Iyer is now focused on MAIS Consulting, as he is its founder and Chief Executive Officer. MAIS Consulting is a firm that helps distressed companies. 


They help them with solving issues, including marketing their products or services, coming up with company policies, contracting with other companies, and fulfilling their overall strategic growth. Successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is a problem solver, and his number one priority is meeting the needs of his clients (Patch). 

Krishen dedicates most of his time interacting with his clients, listening to their needs, and coming up with ideas to solve their problems. Krishen has not been left out in contributing to society. He is a philanthropist and has engaged in several charities, including the Make-A-Wish foundation. Krishen Iyer may be a busy man, but he makes time for his family. He also plays tennis and watches soccer during his free time.