Liu Qiangdong is an Ambitious Entrepreneur

It came as a relief for medical workers in Hong kong after announced it would donate COVID-19 relief supplies valued at 100 million. Liu Qiangdong`s fulfilled the promise it made on February eighteenth, five days later, after shipping fifteen thousand protective suits to the city. Another COVID protective gear is expected to arrive in the town. Among the equipment are six thousand boxes of PPEs that include masks, sanitizers, and gloves. The materials were taken from factories and storage facilities in China and centralized in Shenzhen.

More COVID-19 protective gear will be shipped to JD`s storage facilities in Hong Kong storage facilities as days pass by. The local firm, Hong Kong Community Anti Coronavirus Link, will distribute the materials to the different hospitals. Hong Kong and China, in general, have been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. Special gratitude to for their generosity and concern for the solid support in such a time. Medical personnel is prioritized to receive the protective gear since they are the front-line soldiers against the pandemic.

Furthermore, created an app from where Hong Kong residents would purchase anti-epidemic and life necessities online. Moreover, the company offers discounts and free delivery of the materials to prevent the surge in the numbers of COVID victims. One unusual step JD Health has taken is launching a free online consultation service for Hong Kong residents from where they can receive medical attention and advice.

On the other hand, assures Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link full support in the fight against the pandemic. The local organization is a voluntary organization trying to maintain the number of Covid victims low. Of late, has been maximizing its efforts towards developing its supply chain infrastructure and technology to fulfill its social responsibility and control the prevalence of COVID-19. was founded by Liu Qiangdong, who grew the company from a small booth to one of the largest internet companies worldwide in terms of revenues. Qiangdong is an ambitious entrepreneur who prioritizes his clients and sensitizes the need to make a positive impact through business, apart from working towards business success.