Looking Into How Standard Life Aberdeen was Transformed Into abrdn by Stephen Bird

Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life merged in 2017, and that’s how Standard Life Aberdeen came into existence. The company’s market value is £5.8 billion, down from £11 billion. Investors also withdrew funds worth £17.4 billion in 2019. The profit before taxes was also lower compared to 2018. Fortunately, Stephen Bird was contacted by Sir Douglas Flint, the company chairman, to come on board and help revive the firm.

In September 2020, Stephen Bird was officially appointed as the company’s chief executive officer. As the CEO, Bird devised a three-year plan that would play a key role in reviving the company. Thanks to Stephen Bird, abrdn is currently one of the largest asset managers in the UK. Bird achieved all this using a modern approach to marketing.

Stephen Bird’s Expertise in Business Transformation

Bird officially joined abrdn in July 2020 as a board of directors member. Later on, he was officially appointed as the company’s CEO. His track record is impressive, and he is well known for delivering value to all his clients around the globe. As a former banker, he is in a good position to help Abrdn prosper.

Stephen Bird has been working with Citigroup for over two decades. Throughout this period, the company has been generating high-quality revenue while also growing in the financial market globally. Bird also possesses experience in transforming ventures during disruptive periods because of technological evolution and competitive change.

The current abrdn CEO, Stephen Bird, has noted that the company has been struggling since the merger in 2017. He went ahead to evaluate all the operational areas. He also put in place a new executive team. He also ensured the company’s new strategy focused mainly on long-term growth. One of the areas he has focused on was addressing the decline in revenue. He also ensured the outflow of funds had decreased significantly. More business insights on Medium: http://stephenbirdabrdn.medium.com/