Looking Into the Entrepreneurship Journey of Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneur who has managed to invest in different industries. Agrawal is also an author. Additionally, she is well-known for being an innovative individual. Over the years, Agrawal has established numerous business ventures that are currently doing well. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Agrawal was an investment banking analyst. The main reason why Agrawal decided to become an entrepreneur is because she wanted to bring about some positive changes and solve various issues by creating innovative products that were practical and environment-friendly.


Although Miki Agrawal has managed to establish different business ventures, she is famously known as the founder of TUSHY. This brand fabricates bidet attachments that can be used on standard toilets. Agrawal has also received numerous awards over the years. She has also received recognition from Forbes.

About Miki Agrawal

There are different reasons why Agrawal was inspired to establish TUSHY. First, some people don’t use toilet paper. Instead, they clean up using water after using the bathroom. Second, Agrawal used a bidet at some point, and she was impressed by how impressive it was, considering she was suffering from hyperthyroidism. Since people are suffering from health conditions such as hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and UTIs, Miki Agrawal was confident that such individuals would benefit from using bidets. The bidets are also environmentally friendly.

TUSHY sells bidet attachments, an Ottoman, and a designer toilet stool, among other products. Currently, most TUSHY products are being supplied directly to the consumer. With time, TUSHY will launch stores nationwide to ensure consumers can easily access their merchandise to know more click here.