Mo Katibeh Finds Success At The Intersection of Tech and Innovation

The best part about working for Facebook was that it had such an open culture. I felt like this is where I wanted to be, but at the same time it felt like a fish out of water because there were so many people from different backgrounds and experiences. At the beginning, everyone is constantly learning and sharing ideas. After a few months, we are all on the same page, and communication becomes more natural.

The Facebook culture was a huge contributing factor to my success with the company. I was lucky to have joined at a time when Facebook was pioneering—there were no rules yet! We were all trying new things, discovering how we could fit into Facebook’s future. Mo Katibeh is a great example of this, as we still see new things being done with technology. We are constantly trying new things and looking for the next big thing. It’s this very open culture that makes Facebook such a great place to work.

In addition to the company culture, I was also very lucky in having extremely motivated senior leaders. We had a drive to build something really special, and they supported me no matter what I did or how much it seemed like it would cost them. Mo Katibeh is a great example of this, as I was constantly looking for ways to make use of technology to help the company. I was open to trying new things and encouraged my team to do the same.

In general, I have found that my technical background has been extremely useful in understanding different types of problems and then solving them. Mo Katibeh is a great example of this, as I was able to help customers solve issues with their computer networks since there are many technicalities involved.

While working in the development side of Facebook, I had the opportunity to work on several different projects. This varied my experience quite a bit and led me to thoroughly enjoy my time at Facebook.