PosiGen Offering Solar Energy to Every U.S. Population

PosiGen provides solar energy to lower-income communities by selling solar panels differently from other companies, focusing on savings as its main business model based on a homeowner’s ability to save money after installing solar panels. Its’ foundation was not focused on making profits but on helping New Orleans residents rebuild after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their homes. According to PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart, once a customer qualifies, engineers assess how much energy a rooftop can produce. These methods have been proven to work effectively, attracting many homeowners to invest in solar energy. PosiGen’s solar energy solutions improve people’s lives, leading to continuous growth in installing thousands of solar panels. 


Solar energy improves homes’ energy efficiency, making it possible for people willing to invest and increase their savings. During the wake of the hurricane’s destruction, other solar companies offered services that were only accessible to wealthy residents. PosiGen founders identified this disparity and decided to provide a solution, requiring no credit or income record from the homeowners. The solar power company´s solution is an all-inclusive one through its maintenance and insurance options.  PosiGen CEO explains that it’s advantageous to clients using the fixed monthly payments. People using energy from the central grid have varying monthly bills, making it difficult to calculate how much power they consume. However, PosiGen uses a net metering system that measures the energy produced by each homeowner’s panel, using energy from the grid to supplement any shortages. 


Besides, the system delivers extra energy to the grid in exchange for tokens later used as free power. It’s two-directional, allowing PosiGen to credit homeowners for the electricity they produce. PosiGen uses five phases before homeowners start enjoying its services. The initial step involves design and engineering, where a home is verified on its potential production capacity. For PosiGen CEO, permits come second, in addition to any approvals from all relevant authorities. The installation process follows, and finally, it inspects approval, activating the system once it’s cleared. After these phases, clients start experiencing the convenience and efficiency of solar energy. PosiGen has been successful across the U.S., evidenced by the many homeowners choosing its services.


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