QNET, formerly known as QNET Interactive, is an online marketing company based in the U.S. that connects advertisers and publishers with relevant audiences. it delivers targeted results through its proprietary computerized modeling software, enabling them to make specific recommendations for advertisements, websites, and other activities.

It provides both manual and automated advertising solutions to their clients while keeping the traditional advertising methods they have always used at their disposal – making this an excellent solution for those looking for a flexible solution to their advertising needs.

 Reasons why it is not a scam

  1. Business performances

QNET’s business model is to operate as an online marketing company that connects advertisers, publishers, and consumers interested in products and services on one of its multiple websites.

The business model of it is similar to Google’s, where the company will get paid by the client based on how well their advertisement performed. The difference is that Google sells ads for search keywords, whileit sells them for online marketing, virtual assistance, and even educational products.

  1. Q AMERICA owns QNET

It is a privately held company acquired by the American-based Q AMERICA. Most of the members of this association are credible people in their respective fields, such as Harrison Koppel, a best-selling author, and Jeri Ryan, who has successfully appeared in TV series like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Ally McBeal,” among others.

  1. Real products

There are more than 25 categories of products sold by the QNET, from financial services to health care, from travel and real estate to education and home entertainment. These products give the company its edge as it attracts consumers who may be interested in these types of services.

As an online marketing company that provides advertising solutions, it offers many options for its clients. The company has developed numerous proprietary software that assists in selecting a specific target market and the most appropriate ways to advertise its products and services. These techniques are used to ensure that their clients would get the best possible results from their advertisement. Like this page on Facebook, for additional information.


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