Ross Cameron, The Founder of Warrior Trading

Ross Cameron is the CEO and founder of Warrior Trading. Ross has been instrumental in the success of many start-ups. Most notably Drug Launch NetBaseQuid, a company looking to redefine healthcare and drug discovery. Ross Cameron has spent his life in finance and technology; he is a celebrated author on multiple topics, including:


Current trading systems, program trading, and quantitative methods for investing efficiently. He has also written several articles on how technology can improve trading results, such as “Algorithmic Trading Technology.” Ross Cameron has also an active blog on his experiences as a trading expert. 




Cameron was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where he completed high school, college, and graduate school. He is a pioneer in the world of technology and trading. He started his career as a programmer, later transitioning into systems design and trading analysis. Ross Cameron has always been an avid mathematics, physics, and neuroscience student. This passion led him to pursue computer science degrees at the University of Western Ontario and Toronto University, where he actively participated in the school’s finance club. 

Ross Cameron, The Founder of Warrior Trading



Trading expert Ross Cameron has been instrumental in numerous start-up companies over his career. He was also co-founder and Executive Chairman at one of Canada’s largest purebred red deer farms, which he started in 1990 after a visit to Ireland. Ross spent two years, from 1992 to 1994, working with Meteoric Technologies, a software developer for the Toronto Stock Exchange, where he was responsible for developing quantitative trading systems. 

He also consulted for the Sydney Futures Exchange in Australia and was a regular columnist at CNN/Money. His success has led to numerous writing opportunities on financial trading and technology. He is most well-known for his book High-Frequency Trading, published by HarperCollins. Ross Cameron also wrote The Book of the Double Dip, The Stock Trader’s Game, and The Top 50 Stock Brokers. His book Daytraders is a bestseller in Canada and has been in print for over three years.