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Royal Holiday is a Vacation Club. We offer members the unique opportunity to visit many of the most amazing vacation destinations for a fraction of what you would spend if you were to go there on your own.

Royal Holiday Palace - Lara, Turkey - Photos, Opinions, Booking

Sitting at our desk, daydreaming about that hot-air balloon ride across the vast, unspoiled landscape, is just not happening for us. This is why we want to help others who feel the same way enjoy these wonderful places. Here are four amazing things about the vacation club.

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No upfront payments: There is no charge to join the club. You can save time and money by booking travel at your convenience and paying for it when you return.

No hidden charges: Our Members are told upfront exactly what the price of their trip will be before they book anything, so there are no hidden costs or add-on fees when they arrive at their destination.

Global Selection: Whether you want to visit China one year or go to Peru another, this club has you covered at all times (which is just how we like it).

You choose the vacation: Trip planning, finding a hotel that fits your needs, deciding on restaurants and sightseeing tours – everything is flexible for club members.

The best of both worlds: You choose a location for yourself, or the club does it for you.

The Royal Holiday Foundation was established in 2003 to get away from it all and take advantage of the fantastic places around the world that most people never see. We have offices in Los Angeles and Thailand, with plans to open more locations in the future, giving our Members extra options when they want to stay at one place longer than just a few days. We look forward to becoming your travel agency as we continue our expansion plan into other destinations in Asia and South America.

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