Sameday Health Launches Monkeypox Testing at Venice Beach Location

Dr. Eric Carnevale of Sameday Health, with help from the CDC (in coordination with the US FDA), has developed the rapid monkeypox test, which can detect monkeypox in a matter of minutes. Sameday Health will be testing people of all ages this Saturday, April 15th between the hours of 10 am and Noon.

The new test will help reduce the time it takes to diagnose a monkeypox infection, which can take six to eight weeks. This new test can save the lives of those who may not be able to wait for the results to come back from the CDC.

“This test also allows us to treat monkeypox patients quickly, so that they can get on their way to a full and healthy recovery,” said Dr. Carnevale. Early results from the testing indicate that the California residents who will be tested on Saturday will be able to receive their results within minutes; the test is able to detect monkey pox in less than two hours.

Patients who were not vaccinated with the monkey pox vaccine, may still be able to receive treatment if they test positive for monkey pox.

The reported by Dr. Eric Carnevale on April 14th on Sameday health.The Monkeys were not aware that this test was being performed on them, as no one informed them of the testing. Immediately after the test, many of the monkeys began to vomit. People have been seen detained in those circumstances.Recent events suggest that there is a good chance that the monkeypox may still be present in infected people, despite the claim that it is no longer contagious.

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