Stephen Bittel Sells Company Headquarters

Stephen Bittel founded the Terranova Corporation in 1980. Terranova was created after Bittel spent a year in Europe right after his college years. He was awarded a scholarship based on a project idea presented to the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship organization and executed it while abroad. While in Europe Stephen Bittel had the opportunity to meet with a number of investors and came to the conclusion that the best model for his proposed company would be that of private banking. This business would be best to serve the needs of the high worth clients he wished to attract.

Since the creation of Terranova, the corporation has been located for half of its existence in one particular building in Miami Beach, Florida. They have been located on Arthur Godfrey Road since 2002. The building is situated on the main road running from Miami Beach to the mainland using the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Stephen Bittel sold Terranova’s headquarters to Fifteen Group, also based in Miami. The purchase price was $22 million. The new owners will renovate the building and convert them to offices, financial, and wealth management firm offices.

Who is Stephen Bittel? Coming from a family of lawyers with both his father and grandfather practicing the profession, Stephen also attended law school. He attended The University of Miami Law School from 1979-1982 with the degree of Doctor of Law.

As Chairman of the company he founded Bittel oversees operations for Terranova which holds a major portfolio of real estate located mostly in Southern Florida. Stephen Bittel is highly invested in his community. He has served on the board of directors for the Chapman Partnership, The Jackson Memorial Hospital, and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. He actively supports Teach for America and serves on its board.