The Ultimate Guide to Tieks: Everything You Need to Know About The Ballet Flats

Many women would love a wear a pair of the stylish Tieks ballet flats. However, the price of at least $185 seems too high. I have been wearing these shoes for a long time now. There is a good reason why they are sold at a relatively high price. Tieks shoes are made in Italy using premium Italian leather.

Making the handcrafted flats involves about 150 steps. The popular shoes are also conveniently versatile. You can wear them with tights or even thin socks. I once carried them on a trip. I realized they are very comfortable, and I even wore them during the rainy season and had no problems. They can handle virtually any adventure, making them ideal travel flats.

I started wearing these ballet flats a couple of years ago. I was worried about the investment when I bought them. Later on, however, I realized they were not just quality and comfortable shoes; they were also economical. I went for a Matte Black for my first pair. Later, I tried Midnight Blue, Pacific Green and Tyrian Purple.

Tieks shoe sizes range between 5 and 13 for women. Customers can size up or down depending on the shape of their feet. If a customer is unsatisfied with the size, they can return the shoes if they are still in good condition. When I bought the flats for the first time, I got the wrong size. When I contacted customer service, they agreed to give me another more comfortable pair.

To avoid hurting your feet, it is crucial to get the correct size. If you’re uncertain if you got the right one, don’t wear the shoes outside to avoid damaging them because you may need to exchange them. For those with sweaty feet, I recommend you wear sweat-absorbing socks. Scuffing is, however, inevitable, as with all shoes.

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