Tom Keane: A Cloud Computing Pioneer and Microsoft’s Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global

Tom Keane is an esteemed figure in the cloud computing industry and currently holds the prestigious title of Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global at Microsoft. He is one of a select group of tech professionals who have changed the cloud industry for the better, leading the efforts to make cloud technology more accessible, reliable, and secure.


Keane’s career in technology began in the late 1990s, when he worked as a software developer for both Microsoft and Oracle. He then joined the cloud computing industry when he became a Vice President at Savvis, a major cloud provider. After several successful years in the position, Tom Keane was named a Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft Azure Global. 


In this role, Keane has been integral to driving Microsoft towards becoming one of the leading cloud service providers of the world, helping the company become a major player in the tech industry and the cloud computing space. Tom Keane has also been an active participant in global conferences and has been featured in a wide variety of press outlets, including Fortune and the Washington Business Journal.

Tom Keane Among the 21 Coolest Executives

In addition to his influential role at Microsoft, he has also been part of the development of several key cloud computing innovations over the years, such as the Savvis Cloud Platform and the Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. Tom Keane has also authored various blogs about cloud computing and skills development within the industry, sharing his expertise and insights with the technology community. Throughout his career, Keane has received numerous awards and accolades for his excellence, including: 


The 2022 Pinnacle Award from Washington Exec. This prestigious award recognizes tech leaders for their outstanding contributions to the cloud computing ecosystem, rewarding leaders like the software developer who have gone above and beyond in their efforts and achievements in the field. Tom Keane is an exemplary leader in the cloud computing space, having helped shape the industry through his impressive accomplishments and contributions. As Microsoft’s Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global, Keane is paving the way for the growth and further development of the cloud computing industry.