Tom Keane: Microsoft Partners with Airbus for Premium Satellite Imagery on Azure Maps

Microsoft Azure Space is continuously broadening its reach by collaborating with industry experts to enable its customers and associates to accomplish great feats. Microsoft is collaborating with Airbus and introducing the premium SPOT, Pléiades, and Pléiades Neo satellite imagery. Software developer Tom Keane explains that the collaboration aims to explore fresh possibilities in cloud computing and provide a more profound understanding of diverse enterprises.


Predicting Supply Chain Disruptions with Azure Machine Learning


Organizations can use Azure Machine Learning and Airbus imagery to forecast potential disruptions by examining shipment routes, global consumer patterns, and traffic flow. Tom Keane adds that the satellite imagery can also be paired with Azure Cognitive Services and Power BI to provide analytics that drive decision-making related to supply chain strategies. 

Cloud Computing Genius Tom Keane

Empowering First Responders with Fresh Data from Space


There´s more on this concern for the project. Combining Azure and Airbus imagery technology can help first responders identify dangerous conditions before disasters, enabling them to take necessary actions and protect communities. According to Tom Keane, this can be applied to areas at risk of wildfires, giving firefighters quicker and more efficient evacuation routes.


Creating a Mapping of Wetlands 


Tom Keane explains that by utilizing a fusion of Azure and Airbus satellite imagery, researchers in ecology, international and local agencies, and scientists can effectively pinpoint wetlands vulnerable to carbon sequestration, decomposition, and fixation. 

This will greatly aid in mapping and restitution efforts for these ecosystems. The high-resolution satellite imagery allows accurate mapping to understand better how wetlands change over time. The recent collaboration between Azure and Airbus highlights Azure’s dedication to being the primary platform and ecosystem for businesses involved in space. By merging Azure’s computing capabilities with Airbus’s satellite imagery technology, Tom Keane assures that Microsoft can provide improved knowledge, substantial cost reduction, and inventive solutions to businesses all over the globe.